India has become the one-stop destination for affordable medical care. With the rise in medical tourism, many patients are travelling to India for world-class healthcare at competitive rates. Medical services include cardiology, neurology, orthopedics, allergy, surgery, mental health, and specialty care.

At GRS India, we understand the importance of coordination for medical tourism. Our administrative team will guide you and your family through the travel and care itinerary to ensure a comprehensive coordination of your travel and medical needs. GRS India can assist you through the immigration process, including document requirements, for affordable, efficient and high quality treatment in India.

With our world-class facilities and skilled professionals, GRS India is a recognized destination for medical tourism. The high quality healthcare in India provides low cost effective healthcare options for patients and families within Asia, Europe, and United States and throughout world.

Medical Tourism in India

With the support of the Indian government, it is projected that there will be significant growth in medical tourism. With increasing focus on high quality healthcare, there are amazing advances in medical technologies and capabilities. With this growth, there are increasing demands for medical experts, advanced medical infrastructure, and standardization and accreditation of medical services.

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