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Millions of people in the US are taking care of their dear ones with Alzheimer’s disease or memory loss. Well, sometimes, the caregivers need to live far away or handle other responsibilities. In such a scenario, choosing a memory care facility is considered a suitable option. However, caring for a person with Alzheimer’s or related dementia is not one person’s job, even if it can be overwhelming. Opting for Alzheimer’s treatment at home through ProTribe can greatly assist the caregivers in Delhi.

What Exactly is Alzheimer’s Disease?

Alzheimer’s disease is a memory loss in elderly that disrupts their daily life. It’s a brain disease that involves the slow decline of memory, reasoning, and thinking. If your senior is experiencing confusion with place or time, trouble understanding spatial relationships & visual images, or you notice changes in their personality or mood, then these can be the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease.

How to Tackle Memory Loss in the Elderly with ProTribe?

People with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia experience changes in thinking, memory loss, or reasoning that affect their lifestyle. Eventually, people with such symptoms need more assistance to complete even the simple, daily tasks including, bathing, dressing, and grooming. With The help of ProTribe’s Alzheimer’s disease treatment in Delhi, you can take care of your seniors with personal care. Caregivers can share the responsibilities or duties while taking care of their seniors such as medication management, meal preparation, and assistance with daily life activities. 

Here is how ProTribe’s trainer will assist in memory care for your dear one. They will-

How is Assisted Living Different from Memory Care?

In Assisted living facilities for Alzheimer’s disease treatment Delhi, a person gets supportive care as per the needs along with the proposed plan which includes various services such as assistance with daily living or personal care, medication management, nutritious meals as well as participation in enriching activities. 

In memory care facilities, a person gets 24/7 supervised care to ensure prevention from any danger or wandering out of the area. Memory care units are also licensed as assisted living communities and provide the same services to memory care residents. People with Alzheimer’s disease get more focused assistance with communication, memory, and judgment. 

Maximizing Social Security Benefits

What Services are offered at ProTribe's Memory Care Facility?

Memory care facilities are commonly for people experiencing mid to severe stages of Alzheimer’s disease. A dedicated memory care home is like an assisted living facility where your loved one gets comprehensive care and compassion in a secure environment. ProTribe aims to offer an engaging and supportive setting in Delhi NCR where caregivers find treatment for memory loss in elderly people. Our team provides 24/7 supervision to the residents and prevents them from wandering away or even getting lost. All caregivers hold specialized training for caring for people with memory impairment issues.

Assisted Living


Your loved ones may need care over time if they have Alzheimer’s or related dementias. There are certain signs to be considered for seeking professional help to deal with short term or long term memory loss in the elderly. You can opt for a memory care facility or if your senior-

  • Needs regular assistance in caring for themselves or even completing personal care activities.
  • Experienced a recent injury or fall.
  • Unable to walk properly.
  • Has periods of agitation or anxiety.
  • Often wander away or are unable to come back to their own home as they forget the address.

Yes, ProTribe’s team is experienced in dealing with people with different stages of dementia. There are roughly three stages of Alzheimer’s disease-

  • Mild: In mild symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, people experience trouble in thinking or remembering things.
  • Moderate: It involves confusion, memory loss disease, and certain physical symptoms. Sometimes, people may not recognize even their close ones.
  • Severe: In severe symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, people experience incontinence, become aware of their surroundings, or have difficulty chewing and swallowing.

ProTribe experts understand what your loved one is going through and they provide proper care and empathy to them. They are experienced and trained to provide everyday care along with responding to the change in behavior of your seniors as the Alzehmeir progresses.


You should consider the following factors for Alzheimer’s disease treatment Delhi

  • The type of care that will be required of your loved one.
  • Location and convenience near the memory care unit.
  • Check out the reviews for that particular memory care unit.
  • Enriching activities and programs offered by the memory care facility.

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