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Valentine’s Day- A Season of Love! Well, it’s not just associated with young couples falling in love. It is a special occasion that everyone can celebrate. Or, it can be said that it is the perfect occasion to show your love, care, and affection to your dear ones. They can be your friends, cousins, or family members, especially older adults. 

As you know, millions of dollars are spent on this day on chocolates, flowers, cards, and gifts. But it should not only be for couples. The day should be celebrated in the senior living communities as well to show some extra love. Children and grandchildren can plan special activities with their aging adults, and spend time together to build some beautiful and fun memories. 

If you have seniors and you are looking for some cool ideas for Valentine’s Day in senior living communities, then this blog is for you!

Here are Some Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Senior Living Communities:

Create a Festive Feel:

Decorations can automatically create a festive feel around you. It is a good idea to make the occasion special. Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to put decorations together and save money while doing something creative at the same time. You can cut some hearts out of the colored sheet and stick them on the walls, cupboards, or other places around the house. You can even overlap them and try some lighting over them. Making a festive heart garland with colored papers and hanging them around the room can add charm.

Invite Family and Friends:

Valentine’s Day is a good reason to plan a get-together with family and friends. You can invite old classmates, batchmates, or any family members who is living a mile apart and give a pleasant surprise to your older adults. Moreover, organize a potluck party or even just an evening of tea and coffee. You can ask these guests to bring some Valentine’s cards instead of any expensive gifts just for festive exchange. A couple of hours on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day with family and friends can help to recall some beautiful and fun memories among seniors.

Valentine-themed Games: 

You can play some jigsaw-styled puzzles, bingo games, sudoku puzzles, and word searches with seniors. Well, Bingo is always the most preferred game to add more fun to any party. To add a Valentine theme while playing Bingo with seniors, use chocolate candies or heart-shaped balloons for markers.

Homemade Special Treats and Desserts to Share:

Valentine’s Day and special treats go hand in hand. You can get your seniors, especially your mom back in the kitchen and celebrate by making some homemade desserts, cookies, savory snakes or cakes together. Try making heart-shaped cheese-grilled sandwiches and non-alcoholic beverages for this festive season and wow your guests.

Plan a Movie Night:

you might want to spend quality time with aging loved ones or relax while watching a classic romantic movie. Well, watching a romantic comedy with your family or friends is always a great idea to celebrate an occasion. You just need to grab some snacks and drinks to enjoy any old classic romantic movie. You can watch An Affair to Remember, Casablanca, His Girl Friday, Love Actually, 50 First Dates, When Harry Met Sally, and many more.

Thoughtful Gift for Valentine:

There can be hundreds of things to give someone on Valentine’s Day. But if you are gifting to your aging loved ones, it is important to give something thoughtful. You can try a floral arrangement in their room or give them a fresh-cut bouquet of their favorite flowers. A houseplant can make a great gift for Valentine. It is another way to add some greenery to the room of your older adult. A small chocolate box is another classic gift you can give on Valentine’s Day to your senior.

Wrapping Up

It is important to enjoy little moments with your loved ones and make memories for life. If you have older adults in your family, don’t miss the opportunity to show your love for them with a Valentine’s Day surprise and celebrations. You need to find time from your schedule to bring extra joy to senior living communities. You can even get help from any assisted living services to have a great time with your seniors in this area of love.

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