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Customized home care services for seniors!

Our SmartWellness packages are designed to offer optimal care and support to seniors, in various aspects of wellbeing.

Home Care Services

Home care services, Home care services in delhi

Home health care is medical in nature and is provided by licensed, skilled healthcare professionals. Home care services have numerous providers today that deliver services in the client’s own home. Professional home care services for healthcare include medical or psychological assessment, wound care, pain management, disease education and management, physical therapy, speech therapy, or occupational therapy. The best home care services are often an integral component of the post-hospitalization recovery process, especially during the initial weeks after discharge when the patient still requires some level of regular physical assistance. Patients who received home health care after being discharged from the hospital are associated with a decrease in the use of the healthcare system, hospital readmission, and death. These services may include some combination of professional health care services and life assistance services.

“Home care services”, “home health care” and “in-home care” are phrases that have been used interchangeably in the United States to mean any type of care—skilled or otherwise—given to a person in their own home. Home care aims to make it possible for people to remain at home rather than use residential, long-term, or institutional-based nursing care.

For example, “home health care services” is used to describe medical services that are performed at home by a healthcare professional, whereas “home care services” are non-medical, private-duty care.

The available home care service in Delhi is often provided by a mix of physicians, registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, physical therapists, social workers, speech language pathologists, occupational therapists, registered dietitians, home care aides, homemakers and chore workers, companions and volunteers

Home care services in Delhi are offered by various companies that boast of their strengths, and many agencies also provide unique services. Still, it’s always good to know which agency stands above the others in terms of overall quality.

The best home care services are more than just caring for the physical needs of clients—it’s also making sure that they have the social and lifestyle support they need to stay in their homes. For those looking for these types of help, Seniors Helping Seniors is a highly rated and much-praised resource.

Everything That Our Nurses Do:

Include nursing, IV, tracheostomy management, and any other clinical requirements. Nurses also monitor vitals, change dressings, medications and first response systems

Everything That Our Attendants Do:

Including changing dressings, and monitoring medications and vitals. They also support in providing basic daily activities like bathing, eating, walking, dressing and other support

Explore Our Full List of Home Care Services in Delhi

Benefits of Home Care Services In Delhi

Here are some innumerable benefits for you:

Why Choose Protribe For Your Elder Care Needs From Home Care Services In Delhi?

Protribe is a trusted provider of elderly care services for seniors in India. We provide smart solutions in the comfort of seniors’ homes, and within senior living communities with long-term care, memory care, and other areas of care. We know how committed you are when it comes to providing the best treatment to your senior patients. Every day, you strive to excel beyond what’s normal and create a positive difference in their lives. However, the path to providing better senior care is paved by strong collaborations.

Who Can Avail of The Elderly Care Services at Protribe?

Expect the Best From Us!

We are a provider of professional home nursing and attendant services, dedicated to helping seniors manage their health issues seamlessly and keeping their families worry-free. Pre-and post-surgery hospitalization concierge services, specialized home nursing care, and a smart wellness program that will take care of the pre and post-surgical needs of seniors by enabling optimal recovery. We provide a smart wellness package, especially for elderly people, smart wellness tailored to personal preventive and rehabilitative care based on personal wellness goals. ProTribe‘s Smart wellness packages are designed to guide and provide wellness solutions to seniors with empathy.

Rehabilitation Services In Delhi

Short-term rehabilitation provides 24/7 medical care and therapeutic services to help the patient recover from illness, surgery, or even an accident. The ultimate goal is to help the patient achieve independence and a better quality of life, thus no longer requiring this type of focused care. This type of care usually lasts a few weeks but can last a few months depending on the patient’s needs and recovery rate. Unlike hospital settings, rehabilitation centres provide a more comfortable and welcoming environment for patients. To provide around-the-clock care, an entire team of experts are involved. This team includes doctors and nurses that provide on-site care and help monitor patients during their recovery process after a hospital stay. If an emergency arises, the rehabilitation centre can quickly respond to these issues. Indeed, this 24/7 care helps ensure that patients receive proper medical attention, which helps promote a successful recovery back to their prior living setting.

In Partnership With Serensa

Serensa is a short-term rehab centre. Serene Healthcare is a health home care services company based in Saratoga, CA. The company provides physical, occupational, and speech therapists, social workers and dieticians as service providers to large healthcare service agencies, hospitals and senior care facilities. The healthcare services are provided in the Bay Area, CA.


Older persons, people with illnesses, and new moms can get the best home care services in Delhi in the comfort of their own homes. It involves ongoing care, daily support, and any medicines your loved one might require owing to a variety of medical issues.

If you’re seeking the best home care services in Delhi for a patient, the elderly, or young children, make an appointment with us right away for a free consultation. In order to determine how much at-home medical assistance your loved one need, our experts will get in touch with you and visit your house.

Elder care assisted living, medical and nursing care, as well as baby and mother care, are all possible with the best home care services. Our team of caregivers, nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, and nannies provides medical support and home care around-the-clock.

You can heal in the comfort of your own home with the aid of home care. For new moms and the elderly, home support is available around-the-clock. When you need more help to take care of your loved ones, home care might prove to be quite cost-effective.

It depends on the kind, degree, and length of care that you need to provide for your loved ones. Depending on your needs, home care services in Delhi are offered full-time and around the clock. There is no set price, and it is often adjusted and covered during the first assessment phase.